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When i got my 06 ody i was offer a mechanical breakdown insurance package that i took since it sounded like a good idea given the higher miles on my ody and i just wanted peace of mind.

thats a link to the flier i got. because of the miles they only offered me the bronze package. if you guys know anything about these type of coverages or experience with them, let me know. i can still cancel if i decide i dont want it. lots of guidelines but still sounds like a good thing. No deductible too.
It cover tires too, well somewhat. lol. heres a quote of the terms page.
"We will reimburse you for the repair or, if necessary the replacement of any of your vehicles tires(original equipment size only) that have become damaged or unsafe for use due to road hazard"

original equipment size is my issue, so what if i depax it, yes its till paxed, will i get denied payment? would go with pax again but they only cover up to 500 for the set or 125 per tire, and it seems pax runs a little bit more than that.
I don't want to go on record saying all aftermarket warranties are a scam and worthless, but... :huh:

No, wait. That's exactly what I want to say. :DD

Do this: Google "[name of company] complaints" and set aside a few hours to read them all. Any of those companies. Go ahead, I'll wait... :DD

Not fair? OK, then, Google "[name of company] reviews" to get a more positive view. How did that work out for you? :tongue:

Seriously, save your money. There's not one out there that's not manufacturer-backed that's worth a rat's tail. :nothappy:
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