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I put my 9" portable dvd player on the foldable table between the front seats; the catch is that I've put down a few rubber mouse pads (rubber side up) into that space, cut down to fit, to both pad the player and resist it sliding. worked well over about 8 hours of driving.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DAL:
Has anybody identifed a case or strap system that would allow me to securely strap a portable DVD player to the back of the passenger seat or headrest?

The case would need to allow me to strongly mount the player while it is open (in use) so that my son can watch it on long trips. I would not be too concerned if I needed to remove the case in order to load DVD's into the player.

I believe this would give me a really convenient method for entertainment in the car, but also inside the house.

Ron - Ody EX L Navi 2002, silver with fog, subwoofer
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