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How hard to total a 2005-2010 Odyssey?

Hmm, though I suggest Proceeding Very Carefully with a salvage-title vehicle, I am thinking that it is not that hard, at dealer prices, to total an Odyssey by just breathing on it.

I've experienced the pain of an insurance company totalling out a car over a minor accident because the payout to total out is frequently less than the repair cost. Insurance companies sell "replacement value" riders as an out for this.

I priced some parts for the Odyssey tailgate taillight assembly, and was shocked the overall price with connectors, sockets, and wiring, was something like $550. I'd guess that any decent rear-end collision, unless you used parts from a wrecking yard, would total the car for insurance purposes. It goes to auction, a dealer puts humpty back together with wrecking yard parts, and sells it for about the same as a used non-totalled.

Want to total a EX-L or Touring? Hit it good in the right rear corner; the damage to the rear air conditioning and rear harness breakout alone would probably total it, never mind the tailgate.
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