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I just did a good close up on an 02 EX L with my '99 EX next to it. It did see several small changes that I have not heard about.
1. The Drivers seat back switch has been lowered so the drivers leg will not rub and move the back backward.
2. The seat back will move further forward than before.
3. There is a stop or lock for the 3rd seat when folded down. This stop is in the center of the well behind the latch parallel to the bumper.
4. Shift lever is much shorter to it doesn't block sight of climate and radio controls.
5. There are two rubber blocks at the base of the tag to stop the tag rattle when the deck lid is slammed.
6. The leathers seats, especially the middle seats are much more comfortable.

Of course there are many other changes on the brochures and Honda spects. There are a few items I had hopped for such as faster power doors with a better safety stop and back up sensors. My new SS EX L is due next week and am going to be very pleased.
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