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OK, aside from the LEATHER WRAP debacle; I had a pretty fun time this weekend mod'ing up my Ody. Here's what I've done (in between washing bugs off which I've done like 5 times since I took delivery 1 1/2 weeks ago):

- LSU license plate installed on front of vehicle. I was looking for a $2 plate when I was visiting my folks and my dad, wanting to do something for me when I came up empty ended up paying a guy at an airbrush shop $20 to paint up a custom one.

STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES! Its 'tasteful'; just a yellow plate w/ the LSU block letters 'freehanded' on the front. It looks better than the 'pre-done' plates because the letters are nice and blocky and fill up the plate nicely. Plus, my daddy got it for me so I'd put it on even if it was a winged pegasus w/ Nyvram in purple script underneath!

- Leather wrap (ouch, nuff said)

- GE SuperBlue Halogen bulbs (#9003SB/BP) to replace front headlights. These are niiiice. Nine bucks apiece at Wal-mart and they're definitely much whiter than the factory 'yellow' lights. They are also legal for street use (big plus you Xenon/HID fans!)
I've snuck out of the house about 4 times tonight to flip the lights on & gaze at them.

- Blaupunkt $20 652s w/ $5 wiring harness from Circuit City. These went in easy and even as a non-audiophile I can tell they sound 100% better than the factory 'am radio' speakers.

- cargo tray (plop!)

Of course, I had to work all these things in around our 2 kids needing constant attention. Here are the mods on the immediate horizon (1-2 months)

- redo steering wrap
- weathertech mats w/ the 'chuck-pedal'

- glovebox light
- traveltheater w/ PS2
- poron or ross backup
- sliding door mod
- zaino from top to bottom

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Just ran across an obscure TSB for the Honda Odyssey. Something to the effect that if you are experiencing problems with an Odyssey, the removal of any LSU tags, decals, etc. should correct the problems. Goes on to state that this will also make the van ride smoother and quieter and get much better gas mileage.
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