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Hi All,
I'm new to the forum and am considering getting a 2011 Odyssey. I currently have a 1998 Plymouth with 223K miles and I've done all of the maintenance on the vehicle since it left the dealership. That includes brakes, wheel bearings, struts, head gasket, etc....I have a Snap On scan tool, but I've never even had the check engine light come on and I still get about 22mpg overall driving (3.3l) engine. The reason I'm looking at new is RUST, but can't complain on a 13 year old vehicle.

In any event what I'm looking for is information on whether I'll be able to continue to do a lot of this work myself, I just don't trust the dealers. I've looked briefly at that 'maintenance minder' and see how to turn off the codes for an oil change, but say another code comes up for air filter, brakes, or whatever else it monitors. Is that something that I can reset using my scan tool? Is it covered in the factory maintenance manual? I have a good collection of quality tools, but are there a lot of speciality tools needed to work on this one?

One final question, what does everyone think of the VCM feature. I know when Cadillac first tried this, most ended up running as 8 cyls, as it just didn't work right. I've also not found out how it works, as in does it just disable an injector or is there something happening in the valve train.

Thanks for any insights as I've found the Honda to be the most solid van that I've looked at when visiting the local auto show.

Thanks, Doug
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