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Brought our '04 Ody in for minor svc today (basically motor and trans oil change).

Surprise! Tech rep said that the front and side motor mounts needed to be replaced within a few months. He said that Odys were a problem due to large engines. Since we have a 7yr warranty, the cost to replace was covered fully by it so the work was done; the no-warranty estimate was over $1K. I had not noticed any steering problems or strange noises. Seems to drive as it did before. Maybe it is due to not being garaged in the winter, but previous cars were not garaged and no motor mounts needed.

So far it has been a trouble-free car. I wonder what else is lurking around to be fixed. I am aware of the timing belt replacement next year. I suppose if we keep it, we will have to get used to much higher maintenance costs.
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