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with the right hardware can these players work with Navi?

will most car audio places know how to install one of these with the navi? what should i tell them to clue them in on what they need to do?

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I'm assuming you mean MP3 player? If so ...then in order to get it to work w/ the NAVI you will need several things:

1) Need an amp (preferably a 4 channel amp)
2) Need a Sony Sony XA-39II Source Switching Relay
3) Need a Steering wheel interface -

Here's a diagram on how to connect the Amp, Switch and an aftermarket Reciever

Basically the way it works is the Sony switch takes in both the 'front' L/R outputs from the receiver and the NAVI voice's L/R outputs. It will, by default, just output the front L/R from the receiver. But once the NAVI begins to speak, a 12v signal is sent to the Sony switch telling it to switch to the NAVI voice. What will happen is the front speakers will mute and the NAVI voice will sound. Once the NAVI voice stops, the 12v will be dropped and it will automatically switch back to your receiver signals. The reason I recommended a 4 channel amp is because it's good to have the 'rear' L/R outputs from the receiver hooked up to the amp directly. So even when the NAVI voice is activated the rear speakers can still be heard. Just like how the stock headunit behaves.

The Steering wheel interface is used to retain your steering wheel controls. NOTE: This can only be used if the aftermarket reciever has an infrared remote. Hope that helps.



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