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I've bought new cars before. But this is the 1st time that I had to put a deposit and wait for a car.

I placed an order for an EXL-RES RRP. The invoice goes like this:

Retail: $29750
Tax: 6.25%
Vehicle inventory tax: .002149%
Title/LIC/DOC/St. INSP: $155

Total: $31,xxx.xx
Down payment: 0.00
Financed amount: same as Total above

So where does the $440 show up? Will this be an added cost to me later? He promised me that I won't pay a penny more unless I changed my mind and added the fog lights. He promised that their will be no sealant charges or special added dealer cost. I just remembered that I gave my $500 deposit. It does not show up on my invoice. We have a copy of our $500 check that was attached to this invoice.

The sales person warned me that their dealership cashes in the $500 depost and not wait until later when the car comes in. He also said that it is NOT refundable unless they goofed up and got the wrong car or if the car is exceedlingly beyond the promised date like 2 months or so.

So did I do right or did they pull a fast one by me?


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I've never heard of a dealer that didn't add the destination fee as a line-item. Of course, everything is negotiable, but they'll always at least start with it in there, since it is a fee they must pay.

Of course, I have also not heard of a dealer that would actually cash the deposit check. Everybody I've dealt with says they'll hand the check back at any time. It is simply a way to be sure I'm serious about buying the car. Forces the buyer to at least make contact one more time. Since these Odys sell like hot-cakes, I see no reason for a non-refundable deposit. What would it take them? 2 seconds to call the next guy on the waiting list?

Your dealer may be on the up-and-up, but this sort of thing would make me a bit shy.

- Darell

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by MMCD:
When people mention that they must pay MSRP for their Odyssey, does that mean MSRP + $440 destination fee? Or does the dealer not add the destination fee?


$29,750 is the MSRP for the EX-L-RES without the $440 destination fee. It could be that the they goofed and forgot to charge you, or maybe they were being nice and decided to give you that $440 ;-)

Only one dealer in our area wanted a non-refundable deposit so I included that in the decision making process.

There are lots of games dealers play to keep a buyer on a string. Suppose your car comes in and someone else offers MSRP plus $500. Guess who gets that car. Then, you have to wait another couple of months, which per your description, would be within the two month window they gave you for delivery.

One dealer did this to me - they received my car on schedule, then added a bunch of extras to it I didn't want. They sold it to someone else, and I had to hound them to get the "refundable" deposit back. It took four visits and eight phone calls.

I always use credit cards for deposits like this so at least I can go back to the credit card company for recourse if there is a dispute. Not that the credit card companies are as consumer-oriented as they used to be, but at least they may offer some leverage.



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Huh. Well, I just don't do business with people like that. I would refuse to buy the car if all I could work with was a skanky dealer.

I'm fortunate enough to live near a dealer with whom I have a good relationship, including their longest-term and highest-selling (by far) salesman. I've been talking with him about buying a new car for I don't know how long. I've also sent several people his way. So when I decided a couple of weeks ago to bite the bullet and do it, I just left him a voicemail and said "do it". Then when I found out the RES was available, I sent him a fax and told him to add that. A few days later I stopped by, and he showed me the sheet with the cars they had coming in and showed me that the only one with RES was a silver one that he had marked for me.

I haven't paid him a dime yet.

We all knew that these things were still going for MSRP with a two month wait, so I didn't even ask. He offered to give me $500 off, and is giving me the accessories at cost. I'll take that any day, but I certainly didn't expect it.

And let's face it: MSRP or invoice or whatever are just numbers on paper that in the end are meaningless. Supply and demand sets the price; with the Ody, it's been very high demand with relatively small supply from day 1, so why get lathered up about "I refuse on principle to pay MSRP"? The price is the price.

Fact is, MSRP is what everyone hopes to get. You can't get it if you don't ask it; that's why Chrysler and GM charge similar dollars for similar vans. Some people might pay it (and the leasing suckers do). OTOH, Chrysler and GM end up giving the damn things away to people with half a brain, because those people know that the $32K for a ChryCo piece is way, way too much.

But with such high demand on the Odys, you just pay the price and move on. The price is the price. The market doesn't care if you like it or not. The market doesn't care what mythical evils you've attributed to the squiggles on the paper they call the MSRP.

I'd rather drive an Ody at MSRP than a Chrysler that I got "a great deal" on--because the true nature of your "great deal" will become obvious after about two years, at which point you'll wish you'd bought the Ody.

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Just negotiate by total price before TTL or by MSRP plus TTL, it's easier for you to track. But don't get worked up if the actual invoice splits up your negotiated price into totally different categories.

For example, I negotiated for my 98 CR-V like this. Then when they wrote up the invoice, destination went on this line for so much, doc fee for so much, ADM and so on but they still added up to the price I negotiated before TTL. It does have a benefit, state sales taxes are not applied to some items like the doc fee so it saves you money. Technically, a dealer could have put down whatever doc fee it wanted and sales tax would not have applied to that amount.

I think some dealers always do that so they can legitimately say everyone has always paid ADM or doc fees.
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