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My 10th Honda but first Odyssey (2004 model)

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I've owned ten Hondas throughout the years ever since my first car back in 1998, which was a 90 Acura Legend. Most of which were Civics: 1 coupe, 4 hatchbacks,1 sedan, an Integra and RSX Type-S, which unfortunately was stolen and stripped. I never thought I'd own an Odyssey but when my wife and I found out we were having twins I knew my 07 Civic 4DR wasn't gonna cut it. I wounded up with a 04 Odyssey EXL w/75kmi in pristine condition. I absolutely loved my van and after nearly a year and a half , a new battery, brake pads and rotors and front wheel bearings I still do. I am vastly approaching the 100kmi mark and now little annoying problems are arising, such as a burnt odometer light bulb and I have to open the tailgate by simultaneously pulling the handle while unlocking it with the remote or it won't open. I will start perusing the forums to figure out a remedy for these problems though. Anyhow I plan on owning my van til the wheels fall off in which case I'll probably get another Oddy cause my kids are only gonna get bigger
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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