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Whew. It's been busy for the past 2 weeks or so. Ordered and installed these 3 items. Like to share my experience.

Air deflector:

The installation guide stated to install the side supports 14 mm from the front edge of the hood. This is difficult for me to accomplish since the corner of the edges is a fillet. My side supports end up 1 and 2 mm off. This becomes an issue when I tried to install the 5 screws. I ended up using the suggestion from another thread. Installed the side support screws and then the other 3. For some reasons, I think those holes on the side supports are off more than 4 mm if I installed those 3 on the brackets first. I have to pull on the deflector to align those holes. This creates quite a bit of stress on the adhesive. There were reports in other threads that the side support came off in a few weeks. I think this could be one of the reasons. I am crossing fingers on this. If I were to do it again, I would do the side support installation slightly different.

1. Before installing the side supports, I'd install the deflector with the 3 screws on the brackets.

2. Mark locations of where the side supports should be by aligning with the screw hole on the deflector.

3. Remove the deflctor and install the side support and put the 5 screws on. I beleive this would reduce the stress that will pull on the adhesive.

Mud guards:

All threads in this form on this topics are very helpful. I do not have any small screwdrivers to install the rear ones. Using a plier to grab a cordless bit in 90 deg. works well for me.

Fenderwell trim:

Make sure you peel 2 in. of the adhesive backings first, and gradually peel it off, while holding the trim in place. Basically, follow the instruction carefully. The mistake I made (by pulling the entire backing off first) causes my first piece off a little bit.

That's all. Got to go back to the form to find my solutions on rear speaker grill and foglight mod.
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