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my first honda & odyssey ever!

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Hello all,
OK I just purchased a (used) 2003 Honda Odyssey and totally love it! I have been a diehard Jeep guy for years but and recently my Cherokee XJ died R.I.P and figured it only made sense to purchase something that can handle our "Brady Bunch" family. Me and my darling girlfriend, who I abolutely adore have 4 kids between us - we have 3 boys 7,6, & 3 and one little girl (who has dad wrapped around her finger) that is 4. The kids love the fact that we can all pile into one vehicle and go places together! The taking two vehicles was getting old. And don't even get me started on the DVD feature - greatest thing ever! We made a 5 hour trip to go camping and not once did we hear "are we there yet" or "how much longer"!!!
I have only heard all positive things about Honda & Odyssey's so I'm sure I'll be on here from time to time looking for some additional insight into this vehicle....being a Jeep guy I knew each and every one I owned inside and out and hope to become as familar with the Odyssey as well!

So I guess my only question is: Is there anything I should know about a 2003 Odyssey?

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