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I am now the proud owner of a MB EX-L RES!! I found it in less than a week
by calling probably around 40-50 dealers in over 6 different states. And get
this, the dealer that had it told me that he's lucky to get 1 (yes, just one)
Ody a month! I first called him on Tuesday and he told me he had a MB EX-L
RES due in any day. Told him to fax me the VIN and pricing details. He
called me back shortly after to tell me that he made a mistake and that it
was a NAV unit. He ended up faxing me the buy offer anyway but I didn't look
at it until later that evening, when I noticed that the VIN indicated it was,
in fact, a RES (I wouldn't have been able to do that without this forum!). I
immediately called back and spoke with the Sales Mgr. and he confirmed it was
a RES and I told him I could come up on Saturday to pick it up provided he
received it in by Friday. He said no problem, and I didn't even need to give
him a CC to hold it. Deal was at MSRP with splashguards and cargo tray

Wife and I Drove about 4 hours Saturday morning to arrive at dealer to find
our MB Ody in the center of the showroom floor all ready to go with a "SOLD"
tag on the windshield. As soon as I started looking it over, the first
salesman to see me said you must be Charles from Virginia. We received
excellent service and absolutely no pressure to buy any options or warranty.
In fact, I was the first to even bring up the warranty. And the total fees
was only $65.00 (taxes and title not included as I was out of state and will
do this myself), so I saved a few hundred there compared to buying most
anywhere else. Overall, a much better experience than I ever could have
imagined. And the van is simply great!! We are going on a long road trip
very soon and am really looking forward to driving it in this van.

I would highly reccomend Straub Honda in Wheeling, WV, my salesman was Bernie.

Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to share my joy with the new Ody
and in finding it in only a few days, and not to mention our excellent
experience with Straub Honda. After reading this forum for a few months now,
it really is nice to be able to enjoy the Ody in person! Somehow, on the
drive back from the dealer, I seemed to be at home in the Ody, even though it
was the first time I've ever drivin' one!

Thank you to all the posters here for their wealth of information and
willingness to share it!!

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Congratulations on your new Ody. This forum is indeed great! Make sure you let us know how your trip goes in you new Ody. It's good to hear that you had a pleasant experience with you dealer. My dealer here in So Cal was awesome! Best wishes and enjoy the Ody!

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