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Got a 2009 Touring last year and so far I've had to drop close to $2K because of a number is issues:

-Power steering hose leak
-Power steering pump
-Vtec solenoid leak
-Other preventative stuff (i.e. disabling VCM)

Now, when I think all is ok, I found some fresh spots where I usually park on the street. I'm not able to jack it up yet because of the snow still ok the road. So today I placed cardboard under the van for a 3-4 hours. After looking this is what I found (see pics). It has the colour and consistency of ATF so I'm guessing it's the transmission. It's closer to the driver side.

Any ideas? I'm starting to think I should have kept my '95 Ody 😄
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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