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Navi Diagnostic mode?

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I have a 2005 Touring model. The navigation system has been stuck on "please check your disc" for a while (when the power turns on, it says "now downloading software" for about a minute and then goes to "please check your disc") and I am trying to reinstall the software, which you can apparently do from diagnostic mode.

From what I have read on other models, there are 2 ways to get into diagnostic mode: by pressing map/guide, menu, and cancel all at once, or by using an SCS service connector on the 2 wire SCS hook on the rear of the navi DVD reader under the driver's seat (the same unit that is in the trunk on the Accord models).

The "three finger salute" of map/guide, menu, and cancel does not work, because apparently you have to do that on the disclaimer screen and I can't get to the disclaimer screen. So I figured I would try the SCS connector method. I don't have an SCS tool, so I used a standard male-male breadboard jumper wire to connect the two wires in the SCS connector. The connection felt pretty solid - the female SCS connector definitely felt like it was "biting" the male jumper wire.

I then tried turning the power to both II and I with the jumper wire connected, which to my understanding is what you need to do (well, just put it to II, but I tried I just in case) to get into diagnostic mode. However, the unit did not do that, and still did the "now downloading software" thing.

I have a few questions.

1) Is it actually possible to get the unit into diagnostic mode using this SCS connector on the back of the navi DVD reader? Should I try with an actual SCS tool?
2) Are there any other ways to get into diagnostic mode on this unit?
3) Any other ideas to fix the root problem, the "please check your disc" error?