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Need help/2006 EX-L

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90k mile 06'. Recently started experiencing a strange symptom. Occassionally at start up, I'll hear a rapid, continuous thumping sound coming from the far rear passenger side of the van. Back near the a/c return vent (rhs of the rear storage area). It sounds as if someone were inside the plastic molding and just tapping their finger against the plastic. It will last about 20 seconds or so then stop. It won't come on again the rest of the time the van is running...but may or may not do it at the next start up.

someone else told me it sounded like it could be an electrical relay issue. He had a chevy do that for years, with no negative effects. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? :huh: Again, it's not happening everytime, more like once or twice per week.

thanks for any ideas you may share.