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Hi All,

I bought a used 2007 EX-L with RES about 3.5 weeks ago and I have been reading posts on this forum on some of my concerns quite bit.

85115km on it as of 10 mins ago.

The issues I have:

1) When driving between 30 to 100 km/h.....(canadian in Surrey, bc here.)
- it feels like the transmission does not know which gear to lock into.....almost like a soft gear.
- eco come on and it feels like it is struggling....any speed....with gas pedal lightly pressed.....ok....ok....when gas pedel released.
- Took it to local Honda and service advisor stated this vehicle had alot of service done on it directly at honda and the studder fix has been applied via programming....provided proof in writing.....NO ISSUES...working normally....hmmmmm.
- Took it for a test drive with service advisor and showed him, the issue, he stated that if this was the studder judder issue, you entire van would be shaking very noticably....which it doesn't.

2) ok...this Van takes FOREVER to heat 20 min....the temp barely moves.
you have to drive it to get the temp ...and ask everyone else noted....the guage reached max just at the bottom of the temp symbol.
- If I set the auto temp to feels like 20.....not 24 at all...ever.

3) Gas milage....holy smokes....
- was not expecting - 350km on a full tank and the light has been on for the last 20 km.....this is all city os Surrey, BC driving....including 1 trip on high for 48 km.

Is this normal...or do I need to go to another dealer?

Thank in advance for all who respond.

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hey....another bc'er here (coq.) our tranny shifts fine - gl with that! dealers suck ass - in my experience....i wont take my cars to the stealership unless i absolutely have to. the van is my wifes dd, but shes never complained about how long it takes to heat up. as for the mileage, shes around the high 300's - if i get my hands on the van tho, the mileage will decrease very quickly. gl with the tranny .02, take it to a specific transmission shop - the heater......thermostat? gl dude.....i sold my grand cherokee because of all the bull$hit, thank god all is well so far

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2 comments (from Quebec, so also in kph... :) ): Yes, the transmission shifts early to high gear, I used to do the same in my manual cars to get good mileage, but 50kph in 5th gear does make an odd sound; Also yes, this van sucks gas if you push it, with a V6 and a willing driver it can be a lot of fun but you have to pay at the pump. We usually get 16+ l/100km in the city, which is abysmal compared to our previous car, a Subaru, but we get a good 8-9 l/100km on the highway.

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