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need help finding a part

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unfortunately this just happened a few minuets ago :(

problem is, i have no idea what the name of the part is, where to find that specific replacement, or how to even go about trying to remove the old one and affix a new one. i tried bending it back into shape but it would not budge.

its a 2011 odyssey, and the damage is on the passenger sliding door.

can someone help me?

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oh believe me i tried to bend them, but they flex back to their bent shape. i think i would need something vastly stronger than tape (and probably something to apply constant pressure to the area while it sets)

underneath looks like some black tar-glue-foam stuff. i cant really tell. but i'm kind of afraid to try to pry it off and it might rip chunks of paint off in the process :(

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You can get the parts from the dealer, from their accessories catalog. For example, from Bernardi they are 145$ (for the full set, not just the passenger rear like you seem to need):

Honda Body Side Moldings (Odyssey) - Bernardi Honda Parts and Accessories

As to taking them off, I would visit a parts shop and see what they have to remove moldings.

Good luck.

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