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Hi, I need help in identifying the correct wire in the back of a ‘01 EX radio with CD that is the main supply feed to the radio. I want to install a relay for my Nokia CARK-91 hands’ free car kit so it will turn the radio off when I make or receive a call automatically and turn it back on when I’m finished. I do not want to tap into the wire that make me input the secret code if there’s a break in that wire. Does the Helms manual have this info or the electrical trouble shooting guide? Can this be done on the EX radio?



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Based on this post from RobertC in a previous thread, the white/red lead is the ignition lead, which will control whether the radio will power on/off. White/blue is memory.
You do know however, that there is a mute lead for the navi input, right? You can tap that, and it will mute the front speakers for you. I think you'll need to use a relay to reverse the polarity of that input, but seems this would be cleaner than the radio powering itself on and off every time you use your cell phone..... Just a suggestion. I don't have my electrical manual in front of me, so don't know the color of that wire.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">
White/Blue +12V from Battery
White/Red Switch-Ignition +12 V
Red/Black + DIM Control
Red - DIM Control
Black Ground
Blue/Green Driver Door Speaker +
Gray/Black Driver Door Speaker -
Red/Green Passenger Door Speaker +
Brown/Black Passenger Door Speaker -
Blue/Yellow Left Rear Speaker +
Gray/White Left Rear Speaker -
DEP '01 EX no-navi
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