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I have a 2000 XL Odyssey. I searched a number of posts in this forum for the problem that I'm having. While I found some very usefull tips, they appeared to be regarding the doors not closing at all or being out of sync. My problem appears to be slightly different in that they do close but not all the times or I have to assist them by gently pulling them close.

In most cases, the doors (passenger and or driver side) will get 90% of the way close and then retract to the open position for no apparent reason. As if it encounters an obstruction on the way. My first instinct was that they may be something in the track they ride on. So, I searched and explored the tracks to insure it was free of obstructions. After confirming the tracks were clear of any potential obstractions, the doors still have the problem.

Is there something that I'm not checking or missing all together. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

This may help. You mentioned in your post, when the doors are almost closed, they re-open. This could be the "safety feature" working. If the door hits resistance,(small child), they re-open.

I have a 2001LX, manual doors, I noticed when the doors are 90% closed, if the bottom roller track (is not lubricated properly), there is a grinding noise and MORE RESISTANCE. (I can feel the reistance because my doors are manual). Your doors are powered, so you may not be aware of this.

Try this, clean the bottom track with rag, paper towels, THEN LUBRICATE


I tried the white lithium grease and it made sliding doors worse.
Sliding door was MORE DIFFICULT to close the last 10%. The first 90% the door slid easily. It's when the sliding door, makes the "turn" during the last10% that it's more difficult.

AGAIN, USE "WHEEL BEARING GREASE", I just bought a container last night at the auto parts store for $2.99. (2 other posters on this site, mentioned their Honda dealer mechanic's use wheel bearing grease, for the bottom roller.

Since your Van is a 2000, mine is a 2001, the bottom roller track grease is pretty old by now.
(also, as mentioned earlier, check out your middle roller assy, there are a lot of posts on that subject).

Anyways, try the lubrication trick first, very simple, and cheap. AGAIN, USE WHEEL BEARING GREASE !!!!!! FOR THE BOTTOM TRACK.!!!!!

Let us know if this does the trick......
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