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need help

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Hi. I need some help.
I finally finished installing my HKS coilovers today. Took my friend and I about 4 hours to complete. The ride is awesome. Way better than just w/ the drop springs.

But anyways, we accidentally cut the abs brake cable in the left front wheel well. We reattached the wires fine, and there is power going through it, but the ABS and TCS lights are ON in the dash instrument panel. Can any tech here, or someone w/ a helms service manual tell me how to reset those lights. The ABS and TCS.

I'll take pictures after I put my 20's on tomorrow and try to put them up.
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actually with just the H&R springs and stock struts our Ody rides great! almost a stock feel, a bit firmer, and handles much better!

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OH, I"m not saying the ride was bad w/ the tanabe drop springs I had.
I'm just saying the HKS HiperMax Wagon Dampers and the new springs are better.
I'd say better than stock.
The fronts are adjustable. Rear is still a drop spring, but w/ new shock absorbers.

ANy help w/ resetting the ABS?
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