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Need urgent Help with DRL in odyssey

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Hey, i am just a newbie in thing but knows most of the stuff around.

I have 2002 Canadian Odyssey and i am having a drl issue here. there is a buzzing noise coming from driver's side and the drl light is on. i took out the running light relay from the glove box and resolder the couple of joints which i think were cracked and cold. i put it back and no luck. the buzz was still there and so does my problem. i am wondering if its possible for the relay to be burnt out or what? and also i am confused how come the noise is coming from the driver's side by the left side while the running light relay is on the passenger side? is there something i am doing totally wrong or what? or do i have to find the source of the buzzing noise and locate it?

any help will be appreciated. thanks
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