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I cried when I traded in my 06 Civic LX for an 08 Odyssey LX.

But it's a new day, and my wife and I are expecting twins along with our 18 month old!

I plan on being a full time Dad (why pay someone to raise my kids so I can work at a job I hate???), so this is my ride.

Here's what I plan on doing short term for the Ody:

1) Add the conversation mirror. I drove a CR-V while having the Ody detailed, and I loved it. I just ordered one from the folks at College Hills.

2) Add splash guards. The dealer wanted $200 installed, I can do better than that.

3) Add stock tweeters. I'm to cheap to add a stereo (or rather to explain to my wife why I need a stereo...).

4) Replace the floor mats.

5) Purchase Snow tires. They say this one will be another bad one.

Trolling the Ody forums has helped me with all of the above so far. Thanks guys!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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