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My name is kind of self explanatory. I bought a 95 LX this year to down size from a lifted Suburban. At double the MPG's, 1/3 of the cost per fill up and Japanese reliability I am happy. So far this site has saved me and my bro-in-law some money and headaches. My ride has 204k(hoping to get 300k before it pukes) and still runs out pretty well, even though I had to replace the tranny 3 weeks after I bought it(scored a used one for $150).
Having owned and put 60k miles on a 96 Accord, I felt good about buying a first gen Ody and have noticed they are pretty popular out here in Utah. There are always 5 or 6 for sale around here so if you are looking, come out and ski this winter and drive one home.
Thanks again for a helpful site.
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