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I have an 18 months boy and my wife is expecting twins so I needed to get rid of my Toyota Echo and get a van. After a complete investigation I decided I was going to get an Odyssey.

While I was visiting my parents for the Holidays I got an incredible deal at my hometown Honda dealership. A 2005 EX, only 43000 km! The ex-owner (that my family knows - small town) is a 78 years old man who treats its minivans like babies. It looks like it just got out of the factory. Neat, almost no signs of wear at all.

The breaks were done last june and I got a brand new set of Yokohama winter tires.

I'm pretty excited about all this but I have some issues I need your help with.

The dealer said I should only change the blades on the OEM wipers, but my father (a former Odyssey owner) says it doesn't stand the rigors of our winters up north so I should get reflex-type wipers in the front. He wasn't sure about the rear one. I did my research and set my sights on the Trico Neoform or the Bosch Icon. Seems right? What about the rear one?

1st, 2nd, 3rd ROW RUBBER MATS
The ex-owner kept its rubber mats for its new 2011 model so I didn't get any. The interior/floor is beige and if I dont cover it completely it's soon gonna be all brown and dirty with all the snow/salt/calcium we get on our boots up here. My father says I shouldn't get the custom-OEM (aren't deep enough to contain the liquid accumulation of melted calcium) so I installed regular square mats like he used to do. But his floor was dark grey, mine is so pale it's gonna get ugly if I don't cover it completely. Some companies like Weathertech offer all weather complete coverage solutions but some reviews sates 3rd-row mats doesn't fit at all in the van. Any insights on what I could/should get?

With the twins and my baby boy, the smaller part of the rear bench is always gonna be out while the larger part will be in and out. I'm thinking about getting the genuine cargo mat and cut it 40/60 so I can use either part independently - as a mat when the bench is in or to cover the inside of the hole when the bench is out. That would leave some portions uncovered whit the bench out but it's best solution I could come up with. Any comments or other ideas?

The benches are also a pale beige. With kids all over the place I need to cover all that. What I read is that generic covers look bad while custom covers are very costy. And I couldn't find captain's chair generic covers at Canadian Tire or online. What could/should I get?

Also, if you're from around Montreal and know where I should get/order these accessories, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Welcome! We're in Montreal too, in the sixth month of our 2007 EX-L. :)


WIPERS - Agree with you, OEM is good in summer but crap, like all exposed metal wipers, in winter. I have tried Bosch (best so far), Michelin (from Costco, cheap but not as good as Bosch) and Canadian Tire Reflex (not worth the price, as more expensive than Michelin). We currently have Michelins, just because Bosch are hard to find. They do the job, but quickly start leaving streaks.

1st, 2nd, 3rd ROW RUBBER MATS - I got WeatherTech all season mats the week we got our van. They are similar to OEM so not very deep, and they do not cover ALL of the carpet, but they help in winter. I expect to use them and just have the carpet cleaned a couple of times during the winter. They were less expensive than OEM (198$), and I found on WT's web site a guy in NDG who got them for me at WT's inline price with free delivery. WT also sells liners, but I have had bad experiences with similar products in the past (they tended to fill up with snow, which melted and overran the liners when braking/cornering/accelerating).

CARGO MAT - I got the small one that goes in the bottom and bought a moving blanket for when we move bigger things.

BENCH COVERS - No experience there.


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As for the wipers, i think using the oem is not gona hurt that much

since they are gona get damaged faster with the salts and stuff (I think).

And hondas oem all weather floor mats arent that bad at all

actually. We have them in all of our cars, and when i drove our

07 cr-v in the snow here and when i went to the ski trip, the

mats were dirty, but melted water (with salt and dirt) didn't move around to the

carpet or anything, but rather just stayed there and dried up.

But they were still easy to clean with just warm water and a towel

And also, they do cover up the most of the carpeted area IMO.

It does its job so thats why we bought em for all of our cars :D

good luck!! and welcome to the odyclub~
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