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My wife and I just bought a 2010 EX-L in Alabaster Silver last night. We'll use it as the kid-shuttle for our 2 year-old son and our (due any day) little girl. It joins two other Hondas in the garage - a CBR1000 and an old C70 Passport that I use to ride to the train station daily. Who knew Honda made cars, too?

It will replace a 1994 Mercedes E500, which has served well but which we can't justify subjecting to the slings and arrows of a couple of little kids! It's just too rare and fancy. Here's hoping it goes to a good enthusiast home.

We live in Westchestery County, NY. Other than planning vannin' vacations (Maine! Niagara Falls! Algonquin Provincial Park!), I enjoy kayaking, cycling, backpacking, and motorcycling. When I'm not working, I also co-drive rally cars for Subaru Rally Team USA. Next step, wash and wax on Saturday, and then a set of 18s from an MDX.

Anyway, have spent a lot of time on the Subaru (Nasioc) and Benz boards, as well as all the motorcycle boards. Happy to be aboard.

- Christian
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