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Hello All, thanks for the club! I’ve owned a few Hondas, just got my 3rd Odyssey with the BraunAbility conversion for wheelchair access 2 weeks ago.
When we were on the ride home my driver mentioned the steering wheel was off center to the left about 1/8 turn. The van is highly modified with the entire floor lowered 12” for the automatic ramp to slide out for my power chair to ride into the front passenger side (i’ve got ALS, so this is a necessity not a luxury). The van also lowers when the right side door opens to make the incline going in less steep. All of this is done in a professional manner and is supported by Honda supposedly, so I expected a $70,000+ van to be covered for all warranty repairs.
Evidentally even though it’s got less than 200 miles on the odometer the dealer says warranty doesn’t cover wheel alignment. Is this normal? They said they charge $79 for inspection and if they do the repair they’d wave that fee and only charge for the alignment which is $89. The same day when I got home I got a card from the dealer saying they’d do a wheel alignment on out 2017 CR-V EXL for $69!!
I find this insulting. Is this normal??
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