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Just wanted to give a big shout out to everyone out there on the list. I just found this site while looking for wiring harness pin outs for my 2002 Ody EX-Navi. I have to say, y'all have got me thinking about some more modifications to the car and I have barely owned it two weeks.

Short history. This is my second car. Upgrade from a 94 Honda Civic DX with power nothing (That includes steering). This is just such a SWEET ride and is my first new car.

I am also the proud owner of an Empeg Car Stereo ( It is basically a modified Lynux computer with 40 Gig of hard drive space customized to play MP3s. IN fact, I have my entire CD collection on the unit and it isn't; even half full. The unit fits in a standard DIN size opening so this weekend was spent installing it in the car. More info and a web page to follow.

The reason I got the car was my g'friend is expecting our first child in January and we just needed something bigger. Now I have a real big toy to play with until the baby comes.
Anyways, I am looking forward to reading the posts and hacking the NAV screen for DVD output.

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