I just got a new car and planning to sell my 2007 Ody. I'm cleaning out my garage and realize a have a bunch of parts. Before I post to eBay/ Facebook, figured I would check to see if anyone is interested in anything (Hopefully in Connecticut). The list of items is below, along with what I originally paid for the item. Most items are new, but some are used.

There is also a link to Google Photos, where you can take a look at the parts. Take a look at what you want, make an offer here or via PM. If you are local in CT, let's meet up. Otherwise, you pay shipping. I'll update the list/ photos as things sell.

  • Tie Rod ends - From Autozone - These were used less than a month and I replaced them with OEM. $53.98
  • Inner Ball joint set - From Autozone - These were used less than a month and I replaced them with OEM.
  • Misc screws, clips - All brand new in sealed bags (check the photos/ part numbers)
  • Bumper clips - These are not OEM. Cheap from ebay $7
  • TPMS sensors - 2 used ones. These are probably for an Acura MDX, no clue on Battery strength
  • Honda OEM Front Rubber Spring Mount - 1 new unopened. Also have a used one. $19
  • Honda ATF - 1 new quart, second used $15
  • New Honda Antifreeze/ Coolant $29
  • Cabin Air filter, brand new - $10
  • Gorilla Guard wheel locks - These are brand new, but the package is open. I purchased a different set that I used instead. - $14
  • TPMS sensors - Purchased from RockAuto, but past the return window. I have 4 brand new ones for use in Honda's. They wouldn't work for my Acura rims. $150
  • Rear sun visor clips - These aren't OEM, but I have a bunch.
  • Misc Relays - Some may be new since I purchased a 5 pack and only used 1. No clue. $20
  • Front Stabilizer bar Bushings $20