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No, not my 1 month old son...I'm talking about the new (to me) 2003 EX-L, Navy with gray leather and DVD. Loving this van so far in the first week. Traded in for a 98 CRV (the carseat scrunched the driver seat up, my knees were hitting the ceiling). 112k miles with timing belt replaced at 101k. My wife is happy but will be better when I fix the rear door slide auto handle.

This is my 6th Honda and I'm only 28. I used to work at the Honda Parts warehouse in Ohio so I still have parts connections there.

Also, we are a 1 car family (which means it is really my wifes car) so my goal is to keep this thing running smooth and be proactive about fixing any noises/triggers.

Thanks for all the help.

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