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Thanks to all the great tidbits I collected from odyclub, I am in the process of de-paxing my '07 touring.

I noticed alot of chatter about how to get the Odyssey to re-learn the TPMS sensors, but no solutions posted. After I ordered my sensors from, they each came with an instruction insert and the manufacturers website with all the relearn instructions for the sensors they sell. Hope it helps someone else who is ready to de-pax:

So if anyone is curious, here is what my de-paxing consists of:

- 4 OEM 16'' Honda wheels @ $112 each (from the EX/L model I believe)

- 4 TPMS sensors from, part number 06421S3VA04 @ $31.00 each

- 4 tires from my local tire shop, and the installation.

Total is going to be roughly $900, but that is much better than $1500. Not to mention the PAX tires are good for only 30K, and a normal generic brand can be good 40K-50K. DePaxing really is a no-brainer, unless you have money to waste.

Thanks to all, and I will report back with the results!
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