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Hey guys,
My name is Esen and I'm from NorCal. Just sold my Tesla Model S and got myself 2020 Odyssey EX-L in Forest Mist Green metallic, very rare color I believe where I live, at least never seen one yet since Honda debuted the color.
Really loved my MS, probably the best car I've ever owned, but family is growing, I tried multiple SUVs in the past, non can replace a minivan :)

Plans for my Ody are:
1. Pilot or Tesla Model X 20 inch wheels
2. Roof racks
3. Front tint
4. Coilovers
5. do something with stock audio, it is awful
6. HIDs (low beam and fog lights)
7. Survive after my wife finds out I bought all above



1 - 3 of 3 Posts