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Hi all. Great site.

My wife and I will be purchasing a new vehicle to replace her 2003 VW Passat to cart around our 19-month old for many years to come. We probably won't buy anything until the 2012/2013 model years, when my 2007 Prius is paid off.

So, I am here to begin my research ... like just about everyone else new to minivans, we are pretty much set on the Odyssey or the Sienna. We want something that will not cause us much grief for at least 12 years and 200,000 miles ... which is why we are basically set on the Honda or Toyota. Perhaps Nissan when the Quest comes out ... but knowing Nissan, it will look like the backside of a baboon.

Maybe one day, I will even be able to help some people out here ... but in the meantime, I will be learning from you experts.
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