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Hi, first-time poster but I've been registered and searching the forums periodically for quite a few months now.

Just traded in my white 2000 EX w/ Katzkins grey leather and 135k in on a silver&grey 2006 EX with 86k.

The first Odyssey was bought new by my grandparents and I inherited it almost 4 years ago. It had periodic issues with the power sliders, I had to pay to have the EGR tube TSB done long past the extended warranty period for it, and it started popping out of gear instead of shifting to 2nd if you let the transmission go beyond 15k without a flush (fluid would turn brown quickly, 10-15k after change).

We just picked up the 06 this afternoon and I have yet to drive it outside of the test drive last night, but it will be the wife's car.

We negotiated an aftermarket DVD system into the purchase which we'll have installed once it comes in, and the van already has a 2" receiver hitch. The 4-pin trailer wire connector is unprotected and is just tucked between the tow bar and the rear bumper cover. Has anyone had electrical issues due to road grime contamination of the 4-pin? I had this problem on my 88 Dodge in high school when snow shorted out my dash lights and brake lights through the trailer wiring. Anyone know of a good wiring box and way to mount it? The tow bar seems to take up most all of the usable room back there.
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