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Hi fellow ... members. Just got a 2002 with 142K on board. I kind of like it...My wife will be driving it mostly.

These are the things it came with:
1. Rear cold air not blowing but blowing warm when on the setting
2. Broken RR outside door handle
3. Maintenance records in the Lala land
4. ....something with the door not closing but the dealer gave me a part number and said I can do it myself. (lower buying price also)
So far I have not inspected fuses, etc. I'll do so soon and post my findings and fixes. I'll start a maintenance record also, change fluids, belts.

Ok... that's it for now...let's get back to business.
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Welcome to the site!

Best to just take the time to use the search feature here for all your ?s. Chances are it has been covered before.
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