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New odyssey owner here

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Hi gang,
I just bought my wife a 2007 odyssey that looks to have been well taken care of with 75,000 miles.What are some of the problem areas shoud I be looking out for and what type of pm should be done at this stage of the vans life?All I here about is transmission problems and timing belt change intervials and cost.Some say 60,000 others say 105,000 whats the scoup?
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I`m going to change all the fluids and they all look pretty good but the power steering works fine and doesn`t whine or anything but the fluid is dark and has a burnt smell to it how much fliud does this system hold?I just planed on drain fill drive and repeat this three times with 36 oz of new fluid does sound ok or is there another method?
Thanks for the info DrD.The van is new to me so I just want to get everything changed out so I know where the pm stands for this vehicle.
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