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Hello everyone. I am a new owner of an 08 Honda Odyssey EX-L with about 35k miles on it.

I have been reading some posts on this forum and had some questions on the VCM and rear engine mount.

I can feel the VCM kick in and out while driving the vehicle. It is subtle but it is definitely noticeable. Do not have any weird vibrations etc. but can feel the engine lugging when the 3 cyl shot off and can feel the surge when all 6 come into action. So not sure if this is normal behaviour of the engine or is there a problem with my rear engine mount.

So I looked at the rear engine mount and have read the TSB on the rear engine mount issue where the mount is deflated or bulging out which causes the vibrations to be transmitted to the chassis. I have not raised the vehicle to see how much of a gap there is between the mount per the TSB but have noticed that the rubber mount seems to be slightly deflated. Not sure if it is bulging out as shown in the TSB. Also, the mount is soft to touch. I was of the opinion that engine mounts are always firm to touch. So not sure if there is an issue or is this the way it is supposed to be when the engine is shut off given this is an Active mount.

Please advise.
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