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First of all, I want to thank you all for the helpful information on this site. This is my first post, but I came across ODYCLUB last week as I was awaiting delivery of my car, and I have really learned a great deal over the last few days. In particular, the VIN tracking info (which I had little success at, but it helped bide some time as I was impatiently waiting), and the SS paint issue. Our SS has a beautiful paint job, but I did a thorough check while at the dealer.

Now for the car...
I picked up my SS EX-L RES yesterday, and what a spectacular car! I am thoroughly impressed with the new drivetrain. Lots of low-end pull, even power delivery, and smooth gear changes. The front seats are great (haven't tried the other positions yet)...much better than the 00 Accord EX-L we traded. Also, the RES was a good investment. On the drive home we played Elmopolooza (first DVD purchase) for my 4 yr-old and almost 2 yr-old, and I would estimate that the screen will not be folded back up in its cradle as long as we own the car. Although I'm no audiophile, I think the sound system is excellent. Crisp/clear reproduction, easy to operate, and the RES head unit is nicely designed. I own a 94 Accord EX (148K and still going strong!) and traded the 00 Accord EX-L, and the new ODY totally reaffirms why I keep coming back to Honda products.

A bit on our buying experience...
The dealer we worked with is Coast Honda in Allenwood, NJ. They're don't take orders for 02 Ody's, but they have a set quantity of vehicles comnig in, and interested buyers can be placed on their waiting list. No deposit was required. We got on the list, and the salesman called on Friday 9/14 stating that the car we were looking for was coming in the next week (we wanted either MB or SS w/RES). We went in on Saturday to negotiate the deal. They're selling 02's at MSRP, but told me I had to by a $995 package (pinstriping, roof rack cross bars, mud flaps, cargo liner, and some other stuff I didn't really want). They can't sell any Ody's without policy, blah blah blah. With a little reasoning, I was able to convince them that I should not be forced to take something I don't want, no matter what the policy, and they deleted it from the deal. Ended up paying MSRP, period. Did a 48 month/ 15K lease with a money factor that works out to approx. 5.8% APR. The entire experience was completed inside 2 weeks. Our car was due to come in on 9/19 and it arrived late on 9/21. Dealer provided me with the VIN earlier in the week.

They just received a few more 02's (1 is a GG EX w/cloth) and also have a couple 01's left as well. Our salesman is Ted Perez (732-974-2211 x107) who I would highly recommend. I know many of you have been waiting months for your 02's, and I can tell you, the car is well worth the wait. Hopefully this may help someone else in the central NJ area who is looking. Best of luck in your search!
P.S. - Any questions about the 02's or RES, send them my way. I've still got a lot to learn, but will do my best to answer. Later!
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