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New plate pic

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Tried a night shot on the digicam. It's OK, but I really want a digi that can do time exposures for better shots.

Anyway, here's the latest plate. Love to hear whatcha think of it!

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LOL! You *HAVE* been hanging out on the Miata board too much....I had never heard it called that until I went there because of that link someone sent recently regarding the discussion of Honda-Odyssey name change.

Looks good! Since we live in the same state; I guess I won't be getting one with that name. :0

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Funny thing is, I ordered the plate before the discussion even started, about 2 months ago.

Got my new Miata plate too...

The TT plate (GUILTTY) is here, but we can't pick it up yet without sacrificing the old Tennessee Walker plate. I collect plates, so that's *not* gonna happen.

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Looks like it's just you and my, marvyn. Nobody else seems to have anything to say.
I honestly wonder if this plate offends some Odyssey owners. FWIW, I'm a big Bowie fan, and I'm unusual to boot.
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Offended? Nah ... I just don't have one on my Ody yet.

I have one on my SE-R though.

SERCA is the SE-R Club of America.

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I have *got* to add one of the new Texas plates to my collection. I really like it, but it's not enough to make me want to move back. Then again, there's not much that would make me want to move back to Houston.
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We got the "Whale Tail" (Ocean conservation) plate for our Odyssey (actually it was on the Dodge Caravan first). The word is "SKOOKMM" (the proper spelling is skookum, but some lucky devil got to it first). According to Webster's best, it is a Chinook Indian word and pretty much a Washington State thing. It can mean two different things, depending whether one uses it as a noun or a verb. Nounwise, it means evil spirit (maybe something like bigfoot) and as a verb, it means first class, cool, or whatever your generation uses to signify "real neat". It's kinda fun to have. Jerry O.
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