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New Products for your Honda

Car Planet® car care products
Honda Part World is proud to now sell Car Planet car care products.

Car Planet is dedicated to environmentally conscious, high quality automotive car care, and their products are consistent with Honda’s dedication to environmental leadership.
• 100% safe for the environment
• 100% effective for the consumer
• Fully recyclable bottles

Now Available:
All Purpose Cleaner - Designed to eliminate stubborn and greasy dirt throughout your entire vehicle. Clean your interior or your engine bay!
Tire Shine - Engineered to give your tires the longest lasting deepest shine possible plus it repels dirt, leaving your tires shining far longer than our competitors.
Bug and Tar Remover – Engineered to remove bugs and tar from your car’s surface. It breaks down the tar and bug molecules to be cleaned away without damaging your car’s finish.
Quick Detailer - Designed to enhance the shine and luster of your paint quickly and effectively. Removes light soil, bird droppings and more!


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