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New Scotchguard Product for rugs, cars

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I just Scotch-Guarded my van a little over a week ago. I read the posts about possible problems, but could not find any locally available substitutions, so went ahead with Scotch-guard. Their warning on label says to provide plenty of venilation, etc., fumes can be dangerous, but then the warning did not apply once fabric was dry.

The new product I found (at Wal-Mart) came in a blue Scotch-guard can and is specifically made for rugs, carpets and auto mats. It comes out in a foam, which makes it very easy to see where you've covered and where you haven't. Goes on evenly. A couple of times the foam built up and dropped a "blob" on the mats, but when dry they flaked right off and vacuumed up. It seemed to take a little longer to dry, but I really liked that I could see where I put it.

-'01 MB EX
-Honda cassette
-plenty of Scotchguard!
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I've Scothguarded every car I've bought for almost 20 years. I deviate slightly from the instructions in that I use a sponge after I spray it on to make sure I've got full coverage (and throw sponge away after use.) For the Ody, I did the carpets with the stuff for rugs, then the upholstery and headliner with the stuff for upholstery. But then -- I've got special car-care needs inside this van: Ever heard of llama spit???
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