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Hi to all,

I'm new to the forum and I was hoping to get answers on how to troubleshoot a problem I have recently with my Odyssey 2010. The CD player was playing a CD when I turned on the car. When the last song ended and it was time to change to another (6-cd changer), it stopped playing and displayed a blinking "PUSH EJECT' on the screen. This model has no navigation screen or anything, just a display for whatever is playing, CD, FM or whatever plus its number and track (for the CD) or the station (for the radio) or sometimes it shows the DVD option if one is playing. Anyway, I tried pushing the eject button or the arrow up button (indicating eject ) but to no avail. At first it shows which CD was blinking but was eventually gone when I press the radio button. After going back to the CD option, it gives me the same blinking message. I tried to push the LOAD button and the CD together while radio is playing, still nothing. My husband had tried to take the battery out and put it back in, hoping to reset everything, but still the same thing shows up.

I saw a CD jam error thread but couldn't find an Odyssey 2010 model on the aforementioned thread. I wonder if anyone has the same problem with their 2010 model. Any input will be appreciated. We are trying to not have to go to the dealership as it may cost us an easy $600 to have it fixed and that might not be a sure thing.

Thanks in advance.
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