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Hi all! First time poster here but not to forums. My history with Ody's began in 1995, when I bought my first minivan to accomodate the growth of my family and the birth of my 3rd daughter. Held on to my 4x4 as long as I could fellas ;). Traded my '95 in for a '99, and finally settled in with a 2002 EXL which has served me well over the last 220 K Km's.
2 days ago my alternator packed it in and thought I'd check to see if there may be a following of Ody's on a forum...and here I am.
My history with forums has been contributing to the Vmax community, in line with my interest of motorcycles and a love for riding. Bit of a paradigm shift to search the forums to chat about mini vans, but I'm happy to find your site. After a little searching, I found a great thread on DIY alternator replacement which I plan to use this coming days off. Will keep you posted how it goes in the appropriate thread.
Really like the look and feel of the site. Appears to be a very capable knowledge base on here. I have to admit that I am a bit surprised to read of some of the issues that people have had to deal with on here, (transmission issues comes to mind). Apart from typical regular maintenance, mine has been vitually trouble free which I hope will continue. Anyway, enjoyed the visit, won't be my last. :D
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