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Just introducing myself. My name is Dawn. I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey and am pretty mechanically inclined for a girl. I hit up this forum to see if I could find some information on doing some modifications to my grocery getter... LOL! Or child fetcher... ha ha... anyway... I'm actually a major car enthusiast but traded in my fun car for my first kid in 2005. Searching for a family friendly vehicle, I was determined to find the best handling van I could and ended up with my Odyssey. And TRUST me, it does handle well. The guy at Firestone actually commented on my tread wear pattern. Me? Power sliding through turns in my Odyssey? Whoops... *blush* I'm guilty (not with the kiddies!!!!!!).

Perhaps seemingly overzealous, I would (in time) now like to make the following modifications:

- Change all ambient lighting to blue LED instead of the stock Amber
- install an auxilary/mp3 hook up to the radio
- put Blue LED in for radio head unit as well as temperature gage instead of the amber
- and anything else that falls under "PIMP MY RIDE"

Am I in the right spot?

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