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Hi all,
I'm AkkerKid, mid twenties, hailing from South Florida, USA. We got the 95 EX into the family with 110k on the meter in '03. The parents handed it down to me at 140k in '07. I'm now rolling through 230k on only my own maintenance and repairs.
It had been hit on the driver's side and repaired before we initially bought it, and the only thing we noticed about it was that the driver's rear door squeaked when it opened due to an improper pin installed in the bar that holds the door open at certain positions and there's pinstripe on the passenger's side that isn't on the driver's side.
We didn't care...
My father and I would always do maintenance together, but for the past 3 years it's mine and I'm doing most of the repairs myself.

Since I got it:
Plenty of Oil and Filter Changes
New Vehicle Speed Sensor
New Tie Rods
Pep Boys Alignment (paid work)
New Starter
New Alternator Regulator
New O2 sensor
New Battery
New Tires
New Air Filters
New Speakers
New Breaks
New Lights
New Exhaust Manifold
New Muffler (paid work)
New A/C Condenser Fan (not quite finished)
New Heater Hose
New Serpentines
New Timing and Counter Weight Belts

Problems I'm having now:
The compressor clutch is not connecting, even when I put 12V directly to it. It just shorts amps.
When I'm doing highway speeds, it feels like the trans drops from 4th gear and the engine revs up a little, but it's still in 4th. It doesn't cause any trouble, it's just something I'm concerned about. Is there an overdrive disconnecting? Am I hitting a trans temp limit because I'm running only one cooling fan? My engine temp gauge never goes beyond half.
Now it looks like the speed sensor I just installed is dieing on me because the speedometer is jumping like a rabbit again. I'm going to check for loose wires unless you've got a better idea.
The ABS "farts" every time you start the engine and every so often after that. I just pulled the relay and killed ABS because it was too insulting to pedestrians. :)
And I'm looking for a way to bypass the separate CD player and add an AUX jack. Does anyone have a pinout of the 9 pin connector that connects the CD player to the main head unit?

I love my little Japanese "personal bullet train". What's my next move?

Thanks in advance and thanks for all of the information posted already!
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