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Just joined the club this past Tuesday. I'm now the proud owner of a 2020 in the EX-L package with Black exterior and Mocha interior.

Looking forward to doing a few minor mods to really make it shine. The first thing I did, being in FL, is get tinting done. 20% all around with 50% on the windshield + ceramic. Heat rejection is a big deal here, as I had a dashcam literally come unglued in my old car, from baking in the heat.

The other items I already did - LED bulbs for the fog lamps, LED bulbs for the reverse lights, and I purchased LED bulbs for the low and high beams. I'm going to return the cheaper Amazon bulbs for the low beam and go with VLEDs for just the low beam as that's where the quality matters. I'll install the LED bulbs for the high beams when I get more free's not that easy to access, and according to the manual, you gotta move some things around.

I only had a quick drive with the whole family, but I can tell that we are going to love all the space this van provides. Go Gators!
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