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Good Afternoon (Morning, Evening, etc.),

Thank you for having me in your forum.

In my younger days, I scoffed at the Soccer Mom vans. Then, in 2010 after our second daughter arrived, I bought a 2002 Dodge Caravan. From that moment I was a convert. It was comfortable, rode well, and was much better on gas than my previous Land Yachts.

Over the next 12 years, I grew to desire what I believed to be the best-looking minivan I had ever seen; the Honda Odyssey. But, they were always cost-prohibitive.

A couple of weeks ago, our Ford Freestar (I will NEVER have another Ford, but that is a different story) gave up the ghost. Thus I began my search, in earnest, for a Japanese replacement. This weekend my wife and I drove down to Hallandale to look at a 2001 that I found on Craigslist.

It is purported to be an original owner vehicle with 156K on the odometer.

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To be honest, I am having some buyer's remorse because it is such an old vehicle. But, it did seem like a really good price and appears to be well-kept. Anyway, I'm not too mechanically inclined but I can do basic maintenance and change some bits as needed.

I hope to learn more about the van so I joined this forum as soon as I found it.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I look forward to my time here.
Welcome and nice van by the way. Don't worry...on the remorse buy. I am currently driving an older 23 year old Chrysler minivan which only needed a tranny swap once... due to having dark tranny fluid off the car lot. I was eventually expecting the tranny to go out on that one after not knowing it only uses ATF+4.

As far as that Odyssey you got follow the folks' advice in this forum. And yes, add an external tranny cooler and the inline filter just in case. And change the tranny fluid together with every oil change by just draining and filling, if I'm not mistaken. By the way to fill the tranny, I use the dipstick hole and use the tip of the ketchup bottle and that same ketchup bottle cut in half. Just research how much bottled of tranny fluid it uses. I'm not sure if it uses the same amount as the third generation
( 3 and a half bottles US quarts).

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DAMNIT!!!! Now you guys got me buying ANOTHER thing! Now that I bought it... can someone tell me where to install it??? (yeah yeah.... no jokes) 😓

Relax, as far as my experience and what mechanics might recommend, the external cooler might be needed or not depending on your needs. Otherwise, just worry of doing tranny oil changes regularly. Some folk here said to use valvoline tranny fluid Wich specifies to use on Honda DW-1 tranny's. Don't make the expense if not able to.
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