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I am new to the forum having discovered it a few weeks back while looking for some info.
Just sold our 2002 EX/L that we owned for 3 years and bought a 2005 Touring.
We have a 6 1/2 year old and find that the van is so convenient moving her and her friends around.
Loved the styling of the older van a bit better than the new one but the deal was just too good to pass up.
The "new" 05 was "de-paxed" in December.
New wheels/tires, 55k miles, all options (Touring model) for $12,900 (including a new battery).
Bought the old one for $9000 from our original owner neighbors (which was a great deal then), and sold it for $7600 3 years later so all in all, the wife and I are really pleased with the deals we got.

I do have one complaint. The side doors creak upon accelleration and decelleration as if the frame is twisting. CarFax does not have an accident report and original owner supplied all paperwork. One shows that the doors squeeked when new and Honda replace something in the doors.
Any ideas as to what can be wrong?

Also, I have 2 headphones for the dvd system from the older model.
Will they work in the new one as they are a bit different?

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