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Hey everybody my name is Jesse and I just picked up a 96 Honda Odyssey EX.:)

I got if or 2,600 its in pretty good shape for an older car has around 244k and still runs strong and everything works GOOD . Hard to believe but ya. I chose the older odyssey because I fugured it would be easier to work with and parts like motors would be cheap. H22s only cost around 500-600 :DD

My plans for the van are
replace suspension struts are blown in front
oem jdm front and rear lip
BBS LM 17x8 35 offset maybe or work vs xx
accord cluster
h22 swap MAYBE in future when motor starts running rough.

Parts I am looking for are
oem driver side corner light
optional center console that goes in between driver and front passenger seat.

I really like hondas thats all I have ever owned .
Other cars I have are
03 accord sedan
96 hatch with k20a2 swap
recently sold my gsr swapped crx to get the van .

Thats pretty much it for now .
heres the van I bought it 2 weeks ago.
currentyl has 99 accord v6 16 inch coupe wheels .
car used to have KENSTYLE kit from previous owner Only thing left is spoiler . S2000 exhaust tip

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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