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Hey everyone, we're not normally a mini-van family but they are great when family come visit us when we are overseas, once in Japan and now in Italy. We purchased this 96 Shuttle (Odyssey) about a year ago and it has tons of room which we love.

I found out about this forum from another honda forum that I am on. Me personally, I love all cars no matter the make or model as you can see below by the listing of just a few cars that I've owned and some that I still have.

R32 skyline (sold)
Acura Integra gsr (fully built and boosted, 560+ hp) (sold)
Honda Civic (sold)
F-150 4x4 extended cab (sold)
300C (sold)
64 1/2 mustang with 43k original miles
96 Shuttle/Odyssey
Ford Focus
48 Ford

Look forward to the information on this site. Thanks.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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